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What The Hell Is Going On At Brymon?

Wed Apr 18, 2001 11:15 pm

With delays here,there and everywhere and having to sub a/c in from Titan Airways, whats going on at Brymon with their DH8s. Is there something going on with the maintenace as the airline was very reliable up until a few months ago? With news of the possible closure of the NCL-CPH and NCL-BHD flights and the a/c used for those routes to be re-based at BRS to improve reliability I was just wanting to know what is going on???
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RE: What The Hell Is Going On At Brymon?

Wed Apr 18, 2001 11:47 pm

I read on Pprune that the Dash8s have to be flown to Canada(!!!) for serious maintenance as there's not really anyone who can do it in Europe, and for minor probs they have to go to Exeter. Therefore there are problems with availibility of a/c.

Perhaps if they broke away from BA the situation would become better..... Big grin