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Unusual Sight!

Thu Apr 19, 2001 12:48 am

Tivat is a small Montenegreenian airport that used to welcome up to 50 planes for a day in glory times. During the war (from'91) and UN Embargo ( from '92) the things have changed and now it is just a shadow of that what it was used to be.

Currently only a Tivat-Belgrade flight is operated (for teh winter season, more up to come) and a strange thing appared to me.

Yugoslavia was a Socialist country and JAT never operated a Russian made planes. Time has passed and no new addition has fulfilled the JAT fleet (the last was the ATR72) and it is very strange to see two kind of glorious jet's one near another on a such a "remote" airport.

Well I'm talking about the DC10 and the B727 that JAT operates on Tivat. It is strange to see those lovely and now old machines one near another in such a small airport taking passengers to Blegrade.

That was my tought, thanks for reading it. I hope JAT will do something good in future.

Savo, Salerno, ITALIA