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AF To Switch Second Daily MIA-CDG To A340

Fri Apr 20, 2001 11:39 am

Looking at the scheds, it seems as if AF will be switiching it's second daily 744 from Miami with A340 service. At the same time, it has temporairily reduced frequncies from daily to 5x a week and will temporairly discontinue the 2nd daily MIA-CDG flight from 14 May-30 May. 744 second dailies resume 31 May, again 5x weekly. A340 service begins 19 June. At the same time, the flight will once again become a 7x a week flight. MIA is not big on A340s, we do get a Turkish A340 thrice a week, and an IB A340, but the IB A340 arrives and leaves after sunset (and so will the AF A340!). On the occasion, a Lufthansa, Air Canada, or Austrian A340 pays visit.