Wed May 19, 1999 6:10 am

can any one tell me if 777-300 have the same range performance of 747-200?if yes could it make nonstop london - los angeles? SO WHY AF AND BA DONT BUY IT?
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RE: 777-300

Wed May 19, 1999 7:37 am

B747-400 range (420 pax): 7284nm
B777-300 range (368 pax): 5720nm

Yes, the B777-300 could fly LAX-LHR nonstop.
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RE: 777-300

Wed May 19, 1999 8:07 am

British Airways probally didn't order the 777-300 because it has so many 747-400 aircraft. The 777-300 is basically a twin-engine 747-400. The 777-300 can fly non-stop from Los Angeles to London. Also airlines can't order alot of Boeing 777-300 aircraft because they are too long for some airports to handle at one time.

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