Airtran Old Livery

Wed May 19, 1999 10:20 am

Today I saw an Airtran 737 with a green bottom. It was about 10,000 feet but I could see it clearly. Is the green the old livery? When I see the Airtran DC-9 everyday it has green only in the back, the rest is white. I will try to take pictures of these Airtran's through my telescope, and I will scan them to when I get a scanner. It is quite interesting to see these planes every day, they are headed to MSY. One day I might also start seeing 717's over my area.

Colin Kumpunen
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RE: Airtran Old Livery

Wed May 19, 1999 10:32 am

Yeah, some of the 737's have the old livery. I thought there was 2 branches of AirTran. Airways and Airlines. That was awhile ago when I heard about that, but I'm guessing it's just AirTran Airlines?
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RE: Airtran Old Livery

Wed May 19, 1999 11:29 am

Yes, there used to be two AirTrans. Right after ValuJet bought AirTran, they changed their name but for a while the two airlines (one with DC-9s and one with 737s) were operated separately. As far as I can tell they have since been merged into a single airline operating both types.
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RE: Airtran Old Livery

Wed May 19, 1999 8:12 pm

I wish ValuJet would have kept the old AirTran livery for the DC-9's as well. The only difference would be instead of having a sun on the tail, they would've put the big "A" logo on it. I liked the old AirTran scheme better.

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