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Want To Fly Big Plane IAH-PNS

Sat Apr 21, 2001 9:39 am

I want to fly something bigger than a 738 from IAH-PNS. Any airline is fine. Under 3 connections though. I found a Delta flight from TAmpa-Atlanta-Pensacola, with 1 leg on a 763ER, but that's it. Anything else? Thanks!
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RE: Want To Fly Big Plane IAH-PNS

Sat Apr 21, 2001 10:15 am

As my screen name indicates, I am from Pensacola so I'm pretty familiar with what comes and goes there. Unfortunately, the 738 is pretty much the biggest plane we get in PNS (population is only around 350,000). Delta brings in MD88s and MD90's and sometimes 727s. USAirways brings in 733's and 734's and Continental brings in 733, 735 or 738....depends on the time of year. Those are the only mainline flights we have...the rest is just props and CRJ's. Speaking of props you can fly from TPA to PNS nonstop on a USAirways Express DH8. It's not a big plane but it's a pretty smooth ride for a prop.

Hope you enjoy your time in Pensacola.
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RE: Want To Fly Big Plane IAH-PNS

Sat Apr 21, 2001 1:39 pm

Man, Im delighted to see PNS getting attention here. Like FlyPNS1, I too am from Pensacola, have lived here all my life. Its a beautful place and home of the finest beaches in the world. As for the airport, and the airplanes that fly here, well we are simply not big enough to the airlines at least to have bigger jets fly hear. I have always thought that Delta should use the 757 on its ATL routes, those MD88s are always full, but I suppose Delta knows something I dont. In anycase, if you are flying from IAH, Continental has direct service, I think 3 to 4 flights a day, depending on day of week, 2 of those flights are 733, I havnt seen a 738 to fly in here. The other two flights are RJ's. Whatever you choose, happy flying to you and enjoy your stay in Pensacola!