Air Force One In YQB

Sat Apr 21, 2001 10:50 am

It was nice to see Air Force One land in YQB (Quebec City) today.

I believe it is the first time that a B-747 Air Force One lands in the province of Quebec.

Can anyone confirm this?

(Anyone took a picture)

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RE: Air Force One In YQB

Sat Apr 21, 2001 10:54 am


The only other time was a 707 with Ronald Reagan. Truman came in 1943 and 44 but I presume he came by train. News paper archives could tell us. If I go to Montreal Central Public Library this weekend, I'll take a look.

Clinton was in the province of Québec last year when he played golf with Chrétien. Air Force One was in YOW waiting for him. They took an helicopter from YOW to Tremblant.

As for the picture, we may have to relay on news paper.


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