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Why Did Canadian Die?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 8:37 am

It was the best. Best service for a good flight. In one world best allince. Why do you think it died? Do you think it could have done anything to survie.
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lindy field
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RE: Why Did Canadian Die?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 8:58 am

There was nothing that could be done to save it. It was hopeless. All those poor aircraft and employees were doomed to the dustbin of history. Westjet 8, you'd best just move on with your life. There are other fine airlines in Canada, and though most of them are doomed too, you can enjoy them while they exist.
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RE: Why Did Canadian Die?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 10:36 am

Canadian did indeed have great services but it failed because of incompetent management.
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RE: Why Did Canadian Die?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 10:38 am

Canadian died because they did not have enough money to stay alive.
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RE: Why Did Canadian Die?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 11:24 am

Canadi>n was in trouble mostly because they paid a huge amount for Wardair. While this increased revenues, it caused even further operational losses. If they waited a bit longer to acquire Wardair, they would have paid a lot less.

The employees of Canadian saved them once, I believe in 1993. When many of them invested their wages in the company for shares...the result being the signatures plane (DC-10-30 C-FCRE) and a few more years of cash. Canadian was actually making modest profits in the mid-late 1990s, but the debt load was just killing them.

When the crunch time came, AA couldn't or wouldn't answer the cash call and Onex's bid was ruled illegal. Then, Robert Milton was coronated as the king of the Canadian skies.
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RE: Why Did Canadian Die?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 11:59 am

hey Lindy Field, I'm one of those "POOR EMPLOYEES who were doomed for the dustbin" and none of us have got any lint on us yet! We're now all part of that big green mess. Poor management and that Wardair deal were the major contributors in my opinion.