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Il62 Infos Wanted

Mon Apr 23, 2001 10:52 am


After looking in thousands places, I still can't find some details about the Il62/62M. Il62-fans out there seem also to be not often to meet. So, here my few questions:

1.The original Il62 is stated to have slotted flaps, which is more or less visible on photos. The 62M has double-slotted flaps, but even looking my eyes bloody on hundreds of pics, I couldn't find an evidence on this. Can somebody enlighten me of the location of the flap slots and the exact look of the extension sequence.

2.The elevators - again, something (almost) unigue. I believe it's a TriStar-like system(the whole tail moves responding to the stick, while the smaller tabs move in the opposite direction). Right or wrong?

3. Location and color of the strobe and beacon lights - on some pics of early 62's(NOT 62M's), there is no evidence that strobes are used. On another ones, there are strobes visible, mounted on the wing edge, just lateral from the landing lights. The 62M has apparently strobes mounted on(and slightly under) the wing lateral edge. Can anyone explain me the difference?

Also, ANY information(copies from manuals, performance, weight and balance sheets, etc) and contact to Il-62 fans is greatly welcome

In particular, my current focus of interest is on the CSA (OK JET) Ilyushins. By now, I have is a comprehensive coverage about the LOT 62's(both standart and M series) and a construction numbers and registrations database.

looking forward for more Il-62 fans  Wink/being sarcastic)
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RE: Il62 Infos Wanted

Mon Apr 23, 2001 4:09 pm

Though I´m not that expert to answer your questions I have something interesting for you as an IL-62-fan. If you post your e-mail-address here, I´ll send you some IL-62-illustrations (believe me, they´re excellent. Oops, self-praise!).
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RE: Il62 Infos Wanted

Mon Apr 23, 2001 7:30 pm

Email me either at

Would be grateful for any infos

RE: IL-62 Infos Wanted

Tue Apr 24, 2001 4:52 am

Hi Tommy,

I'm sorry, I don't have any info for you, but I was only wondering; How many operators there were of this beautiful aircraft and some other info on when they went into production etc. etc.

Could you please E-mail me at baard_pf@hotmail.com ?


best regards