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AF CVG-CDG, Worth It?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 10:06 pm

I went on AF from CVG-CDG last summer and there were 97 people on a AF 767. Why would AF waste its time with destinations like CVG? Nothing is wrong with it, but I think that Delta can handle most of its flights and AF has no place there.
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RE: AF CVG-CDG, Worth It?

Mon Apr 23, 2001 11:59 pm

And with Comair out of action now, there are probably 20 seats full.

The way airline scheduling works is that during one part of the day a flight is full from CDG to CVG, but the return is empty. The airplane still makes money.
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RE: AF CVG-CDG, Worth It?

Tue Apr 24, 2001 12:07 am

Comair will be back running within possibly two weeks, with Delta cleared, so now Comair is left.

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RE: AF CVG-CDG, Worth It?

Tue Apr 24, 2001 3:18 am

CVG-CDG connects 2 major hubs in the growing Air France/Delta alliance, so Air France will be a permanent resident at CVG as long as that deal is in place. Sabena flew to CVG when it was "married" to DL, and now flies to DFW instead due to is new relationship with AA. Hub to Hub services are important, that your flight was lightly booked COULD have been a rare event, or maybe it was at the very beginning of the AF/DL deal?

RE: AF CVG-CDG, Worth It?

Tue Apr 24, 2001 3:49 am

I was planning to go and see a friend of mine who lives in Cincinnati and my itienary (HEL-CDG-CVG-CDG-HEL) said that the CDG-CVG leg would me operated by a AF B744. Now i have decided not to go because my friend's got summer school.

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RE: AF CVG-CDG, Worth It?

Tue Apr 24, 2001 4:57 am

I was in B767 between CDG-CVG two weeks ago and the plane was nearly full 198 pax. CVG is a Delta hub and the service is perfect, there is no wait to take another flight. We had only 1h15 to take another flight and we have it (we had to go through customs, take our luggages and to put them back).

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