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B757 Strange Noise

Thu May 20, 1999 10:34 pm

allright, it might sound dumb but i've paid attention to this characteristic of the 757. When it is on approach you can hear the engines working normally, but when it passes right above you suddenly this noise changes abruptly, if you have hear it you may know what i'm talking about. After that, the sound again changes to the "normnal" one.
I want to know why specially this aircraft has this feature. Thanx!
Felix L Williams

RE: B757 Strange Noise

Thu May 20, 1999 10:42 pm

I've heard it too. I believe its only the 757's with rolls royce engines though because i've never noticed it on the ones with pratt and whitneys. couldn't tell you why it does it though.
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RE: B757 Strange Noise

Thu May 20, 1999 11:48 pm

I noticed that the A320 and the 757 make the same 'roaring'-noise when they're on full power taking off... Instead of the 'whitenoise' kinda sound other planes make...

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RE: B757 Strange Noise

Sat May 22, 1999 2:21 am

I live about 13 miles away from O'Hare airport and have too heard that sound when they are making their approaches into ORD. I have only heard this on A320's and 757's. Maybe this is some sort of speedbrake?
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RE: B757 Strange Noise

Sat May 22, 1999 5:10 am

I live about 2-3 miles from MCO. I used to hear it all the time, but not much now. I was thinking maybe they we're reducing power on the engines, but why would it happen at the same spot over my house everytime, so it probably can't be that. Are there any 757 pilots here who could tell us what it is?

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