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6 Month Simulator Checks

Fri May 21, 1999 1:29 am

What exactly do the pilots get tested about during these simulator checks. I know it's emergencies, but what kind of emergencies ?
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RE: 6 Month Simulator Checks

Fri May 21, 1999 2:10 am

It depends what you gt that day. It can range from full blown engine failures and fires, to simpler stuff like fuel low emergencies or even simple malfunctions that don't even require immediate landing. In an exam you will get a combination of these three in what we call a LOFT session (Line-Oriented Flight Training). In this session you will make a regular flight from A to B, but you might get e small failure that requires you to land at an airport closer than destination. This airport's weather is below limits weatherwise so you perform a go around. In the go-around you get a certain engine failure. You continue to your alternate a single engine. Your cruise speed is slower so the flight takes longer than usual so you'll have to take fuel into account and so on, and so on. This is a typical simulator check ride.


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RE: 6 Month Simulator Checks

Fri May 21, 1999 6:38 am

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