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Painting An Aircraft

Wed Apr 25, 2001 2:36 pm

With the example of Delta Airlines or Aeroflot, how do they usually paint their tails? Do they use decals like Frontier or do they actually have people paint them? Didn't Boeing originally have problems with painting the new livery on Delta's 777's?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Painting An Aircraft

Wed Apr 25, 2001 3:21 pm

I'm sure others can go into more detail but to answer your question, most airlines use paint. The rudder is painted first before it is calibrated. As for the rest of the plane they go through an endless washing process before a primer is aplied and then finally a coat of the base color first. All designs have templates that they follow so every plane matches and they paint in layers from the bottom layer up. Time of completion depends, but the average is something like 2 or 3 days using 80 to 90 gallons of paint.

RE: Like RyeFly Already Told....

Wed Apr 25, 2001 8:40 pm

I once saw the artwork for the preparation of BA's Polish Art tail. It is like an airbrush paint job. For all seperate colours they use negative stickers as a mask. When a colour is painted that surface will be covered by the positive sticker of that same colour or covered by the next negative colour sticker. Complex but it is a very neat and high qualitive way of working.

The "new" Union Jack tail of BA (but also like many other airlines) is also painted according this way.