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AOM-Air Liberté And Swissair...

Wed Apr 25, 2001 3:46 pm

Bonjour All !

As you may imagine, the employees of the "3 suisses" as the 3 airlines are called are extremely furious and have been protesting against Swissair and Marine-Wendel.
The french government is also taking part and is accusing Antoine Seillere and is pointing its finger at the man as the responsible of the whole debacle.
It is reported that Swissair's parent company is going to inject 500 million FFR into Air Liberté. It will be very hard for the 2 major owners of the airline to pull out so easely from the french company. No one in its right mind wants to buy the 2 crippling airlines !
I would like to add that I wish all the Air Liberté employees every ounce of courage they will need to go through the weeks to come...

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RE: AOM-Air Liberté And Swissair...

Wed Apr 25, 2001 4:33 pm

What the hell is wrong with French labor? As a response to the threat of bankruptcy, and that SAirGroup may refuse to bail them out, the employees of AOM and Air Littoral have been doing what? They have been going on strike! Just the thing to make their companies lose even more money and seal their fates even further!

Whatever happened to solidarity within a company? If I were the head of SAirGroup, I'd be pretty impressed if the employees, through their union or otherwise, sent me a letter, saying that the employees are committed to doing whatever it takes to turn the airline around, and would do their part if SAirGroup helps them financially. But with a striking labor force, I'd be rather inclined to talk to the accountants about writing off the investment.

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RE: AOM-Air Liberté And Swissair...

Thu Apr 26, 2001 9:30 am

very true! Seems they're doing the same thing with good ol' British retailer Marks & Sparks!

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