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More Bad News For US Airways

Thu Apr 26, 2001 3:31 pm

From ATWOnline (26 Apr 01):

***US Airways, feeling the heat from Southwest Airlines, is reducing the number of daily flights to half-a-dozen cities served by its low-fare MetroJet operation out of Baltimore Washington International Airport and ending service altogether to a seventh, an airline spokesperson confirmed to ATWOnline. "This has been in the computer since March," he said. "This is not a large number of cuts." He added that the decision was based solely on the economics of operating this number of flights. Daily frequencies from BWI to Tampa will be cut from six to five, Manchester from five to four, Providence from seven to six, West Palm Beach from two to one, Chicago Midway from four to three and Jacksonville from three to two. Service to Cleveland will be eliminated.***

Didn't BigAir learn from the examples of United Shuttle and Continental Lite?
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RE: More Bad News For US Airways

Thu Apr 26, 2001 10:39 pm

For awhile I thought that US should try to compete at BWI and keep market share. But MetroJet is dropping from 55 flights now to 44 with the changes you mention; whether US isn't trying due to merger, or MJ really isn't working, I don't know. In any event, Southwest has passed 120 flights daily at BWI.

Now that the merger's likely to fail, maybe Wolf can pay attention to the airline. Cut what US's high cost structure can't support--MetroJet and some short-haul flights--and add what it can--more DCA-LGA-BOS and transcon. Once US has shrunk some, it can be parceled off, or sold whole once it's small enough not to trigger superconsolidation.

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