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PanAm 747

Sat May 22, 1999 1:32 am

Has anyone seen the picture on here with the PanAm 747 with a fifth engine? Can someone tell my why that extra engine is there? Thanks.
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RE: PanAm 747

Sat May 22, 1999 1:40 am

The sole purpose was to transport engines (normally within the airline) to another airport where it was needed for maintenance. So instead of chartering a cargo airplane to do this, a few airlines have transported extra engines (not very common though) on their own airplanes; I can't think of anybody still doing this today.

RE: PanAm 747

Sun May 23, 1999 5:44 am

Then engine, which is situated under the wing between the #2 engine and fuselage is being ferried for repairs...The alternative to that is taking the engine with the bad engine and flying that aircraft with the 3 functional engines.
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RE: PanAm 747

Mon May 24, 1999 2:25 am

the fifth engine is being ferried between stations, most aircraft can carry spares like this. With the extra engine hanging out there, cruise speed is reduced from M 0.82 to M 0.78. The Air-India 747 destroyed by a bomb in 1985 near the end of it's flight to Heathrow was carrying a fifth engine. The Air-India flight was late as a result of the slower speed and was thereby still in-flight when the device exploded. (The same day a CPAir 747 landed at Vancouver and a bomb exploded as the containers were offloaded - two airport workers died but cos the flight was on time the aircraft was safely on the ground when the timer went off, as was the bombers' presumed intention.)
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