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New Airline Targets Vegas

Sat Apr 28, 2001 2:38 pm

Las Vegas Sun
April 27, 2001

A Philadelphia based vacation tour promoter is developing a new airline that would serve Las Vegas when it begins operations later this year.
Ray Mathis, senior director of product development for Apple Vacations, said the company would begin operating USA 3000 to serve Apple’s charter needs.
Mathis said Apple currently uses about 25 different air carriers on flights to warm weather leisure destinations. He said Las Vegas-based National Airlines is used for Apple’s Las Vegas charters, which he described as a small part of the company’s business.
USA 3000 could eventually develop into a scheduled air carrier, Mathis said, but the primary focus when operations begin in November would be to fly Apple charters to Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Las Vegas from several major cities across the country.