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AF Economy Class

Sat May 22, 1999 9:23 am

I have heard many stories about seats and comfort in AF economy class. Some people say that seats are small and awful, no legroom, bad service etc. Others say that AF's economy is comfortable and service excellent... I have never flown on AF, but I have always thought that AF is a good airline. You guys who have flown on their 747s (I know that the triple sevens are comfy...), what is the truth??? I know one person who works for AF and they had some kind of a meeting to discuss how to improve their service. Is their service really so bad?

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RE: AF Economy Class

Sun May 23, 1999 5:58 am

There is a vast difference between AF's inter european and intercontinental service. I've flown AF with in Europe many times. The aircraft were mostly A320s. They were comfortable and the service even on the night flighs was very nice. They give you a bottle of wine that is almost the size of one you'd buy at the store.

As for intercontinental. I flew from Beijing to Paris on a 747-400. I was seated at the #4 exit, so there were just 2 seats which was nice. However the service was not great. The finger sandwiches weren't served too us but were set on a buffet table on the other side of the aircraft and everyone in that section of the aircraft ran and hoarded them all. There were 2 regular meal services though. But as i said, it wasn't the best service. The flight attendants didn't seem to want to be there and it showed, and 12 hours of smoke inhalation though i was in non-smoking didn't help either

RE: AF Economy Class

Sun May 23, 1999 12:03 pm

I flew an AF 747-200 combi from JFK to CDG, a red-eye. From what I remember, I had regretted a little bit picking a window seat upon check-in. I did feel a little squished, but not as bad as some US carriers! I do remember, though, that the service was good, the menu was well presented and the food was much better than any US carrier that I had. The food presentation was nice too, always a plus for me.

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