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CX Stops Zurich Service

Sun Apr 29, 2001 11:35 pm


Cathay Pacific is going to stop the Zurich Service by April, 30. So, tomorrow,the last CX flight will leave Zurich. Cathay told, that they intend to reactivate the destination until February 2002.

Does somebody know, why Cathay stopped this service? They told, that the load factor (app. 80%) was too small, but other sources were also telling, that they need the aircraft (A340-300) on other routes, as they have not enought planes right now.

By the way, Swissair is still offering 6 flights to Hongkong in codeshare with CX. SR intends to add frequencies on the ZRH-HKG route soon.

Who nows more? And where is CX going to use the A340-300 now?


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RE: CX Stops Zurich Service

Mon Apr 30, 2001 12:32 am

Hey Michael,

You really answered the question yourself. The main reasons for the decisions was:

-- CX are short of available aircraft, because of late deliveries, the installation of the new F Class and maintenance. Therefore CX is putting the available aircraft on flight with higher yield.

Anyway, they are hoping to the back in Janauary/February 2002.

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