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Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 11:02 am

What airlines, airports and aircraft have you all been on? Here was I have been on:

Alaska Airlines - 737-400. MD-80
Horizon Air - Dash-8
United Airlines - 737-300, 747-400, 757-200
Delta AirLines - 757-200
Northwest Airlines - 747-200
British Airways - 747-200
SAS - 767-300
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - 767-300
Singapore Airlines - 747-400
Malasyia Airlines - 747-400, 777-200, A330-300
Cathay Pacific Airways - 747-300
Philippine Airlines - A340-300
Korean Air - 747-300

I have been to Seattle, Los Angeles (LAX), Orange County, San Francisco, Oakland, Las Vegas, Chicago, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, Hong Kong and Tokyo (Narita).

RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 11:19 am

United: A320; B727-100,-200; B737-200,-300,-500; B747-100*,-200,-400*,SP*; B757-200; B767-200; B777-200*; DC8-71; DC10-10,-30.

Aloha: B737-100,-200

Mexicana: B727-200

North Central (later Northwest): DC9-31

*= been on, not flown on

RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 11:44 am

ok... here goes!

air canada:
A320, A319, DC-9, 727-200, RJ, 767-200, 767-300, 747-400, A340, L1011,

737-200, Fokker 28, DC-10, 747-400

geee... do you think i live in canada... ?

747-400, 747-300, 747-200, 747-sp, 767-200

air new zealand:


DC-9, 727-200, DC-10-40,

british airways:
747-100, 747-200, 757, 737-400, ATP, 767-300

MD-11, A321, MD-80

737-200 (?)

Air UK
BAE 146

747-100, A300, A310, DC-10

737-200 (?)

and... my old man once said i was on a quebecair 707!

i will let the types above suggest to you where i have been... all over!

thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 11:46 am

Well... I don't think this topic really fits here, to many opinion questions lately, but if you really want to know my info, go here:

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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 11:51 am

United#52, when were you on an Aloha 737-100? I'm interested to know because getting a time frame for the type's retirement is something that's interested me.

Here's my list, airlines and types I've flown:
Aloha: 737-200
Hawaiian: DC-9-51, DC-10-10, Dash-7, L-1011
Air Molokai: Cessna 402
Leisure Air: DC-10-10, DC-10-30
Mahalo Air: ATR-42
Delta: 727-200, 737-200, 737-300, 757-200, 767-300, A310-300, L-1011, MD-88
American: MD-80, DC-10-10
United & Shuttle by United: 737-300, 737-500, 757-200, DC-10-10
Southwest: 737-300
Western: DC-10-10
Northwest: DC-10-40
Mid Pacific: YS-11
Pan Am (the original): 727-200, 747-100, A310-200
Comair: EMB-120
Lufthansa: 727-200
Olympic: 727-200, 737-200, A300
Austrian: MD-87
Mexicana: 727-200, DC-10-15
The Hawaii Express: 747-100
Alaska: 737-400
Horizon: Dash-8-200
American Eagle (Wings West): SF340B
Trans States (US Airways Express): Jetstream 32

and next month I'll be on a WinAir Airlines 737-200.

Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Ontario, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Medford, Salt Lake City, Rapid City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, New York/Kennedy, New York/LaGuardia, Hartford, Atlanta, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Chicago/O'Hare, Honolulu, Lihue, Molokai, Kahului, Kailua-Kona, Hilo, Ixtapa/Zitjuatinejo, Gudalajara, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Paris/Orly, Tel Aviv, Zurich, Athens, Alexandroupli, San Diego, Portland
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 11:53 am

AirTran - B737-200 & DC-9-30
Delta - B727, B757, B767-200, B767-300, B767-300ER, L-1011
Northwest - B757, A-320

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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 12:35 pm

I have been on:
Delta Airlines-737-300, MD-88
US Airways- 737-300, 737-200, 767-200ER, 757-200, MD-80, DC-9
Continental Airlines- DC-10, 737-300
United Airline-757-200
Air France- Concorde

I have been to Buffalo, Newark, Paris, Frankfurt, Orlando, Clevland, Chicago (O'hare), Las Vegas, Charlottle, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Atlanta

Go Eagles!

RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 12:52 pm

I have been on:

American Airlines: md-80, B757, F-100
American West Airlines: A319 B737-200, B737-300, B757
Aircanada B767 A320 A319
Continental: md-80 [I think]
South West 737-300

And ive been to: phx, san, fll, YUL, YYZ, ord, ewr, rno, slc.

I have not been on much as you can see in my profile im young.
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 1:04 pm

I mostly fly up and down the west coast on either United Shuttle or Alaska.
I have flown on the B737, -300, -400, -500, md- 80 .
I am planning a trip to Hawaii on a United DC-10 and a trip to Amsterdam on a KLM MD-11.
My grandpa had the most miles out of any Alaska customer before he retired three years ago.
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 4:17 pm

Ive flown

TWA- 747s, 767s, dc-9s
Hawaiian 737
aloha 737
United A320, DC-10, 747 and 737
NWA- DC-10, A320, dc-9, 727
Delta L1011, 767-300, 757-200, 727-200, MD-80
american DC-10, md-80, fokker 100
USair 737, fokker 100
continental, dc-10, 757-200, 737, md-80
Korean dc-10

all these flights are between Honolulu - MSP and MSP-HNL
Honolulu-Jacksonville, FL and Jacksonville-HNL
Jacksonville- Duluth, MN and Duluth -Jacksonville
Jacksonville-Minneapolis and Minneapolis-Jacksonville
Jacksonville-San Francisco
San Francisco-Minneapolis

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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 8:53 pm

I´ve been on:
Varig: B747-300, B737, B767-200 yep, I think this is it...
Aerolineas Argentinas: B737 or Airbus 310, I don´t remember

GRU (Guarulhos, Brazil), EZE (Ezeiza, Buenos Aires), AEP (Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Buenos Aires), COR (Cordoba, Argentina), LIM (Lima, Peru), LAX and SAN in the US of A....
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sat May 22, 1999 9:12 pm

What a tough question.

Lots of QF 767's and 737's. A300's when they had them and a 747-400 and 300.

AN I have flown A320 a few times and 737-300 and 767-200's plenty of times. Not to mention several rides on the now departed VH-ANE a Boeing 727-277.

And Cathay 747-400, 777-300 and A340-300 to come in August.

Thats me done!


RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sun May 23, 1999 5:51 am

Air Canada : B747-200, DC-8-63
Sabena : Dash-8
Capitol : DC-8-63
US-Air : DC-9-32
Alitalia : DC-9-32
T.E.A. : B707-328B
Virgin Express : B737-300, B737-400
British Airways : Bae 1-11 Trident

Airports : Brussels (BRU), Ostend (OST), Antwerp, Toronto, Montreal, JFK, Rome (FCO), Amsterdam (AMS),
London Heathrow (LHR), Catania, Buffalo.
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sun May 23, 1999 6:09 am

Lufthansa: B727-200/B737-200/B737-300
Delta: L1011/B737-200/B757-200/B767-300ER/MD88/MD11
ComAir: Saab 340/Metroliner/Brazilias
American MD80/DC10
TWA: 747-100/L1011/DC-9/B727-200
Northwest: A320
British Airways: B737-300
Malev: Tu134/Tu154
Private: Pa-38, Pa-28 & Cessna 172s

Cities: Frankfurt, Bremen, Duesseldorf, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, New York Kennedy, NY La Guardia, Boston Logan, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta Hartsfield, Dallas Ft Worth, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago O'Hare, Phoenix, Albuquerque, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Shannon, Dublin

Great Memories
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sun May 23, 1999 6:55 am

My list is:

Varig: Electra II, 707, 737-200/-300, 747-200/-300/
-400, 767-200/-300, DC-10-30.
Transbrasil: 737-300, 767-300
Alitalia: 747-200, MD-82
Iberia: 727-200
TAP Air Portugal: 737-200
KLM: Airbus A310
British Airways: 757
United: 767-300, 757, 737-300, 727-200, 777-200
American: 767-200/-300
Pan Am: 747-100/-200, 737-200, 727-200
USAir: Fokker 28
LAB Bolivia: 727-200
LAP Paraguay: 707, DC-8

As for airports: Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont, Galeao Intl.), Sao Paulo (Congonhas, Guarulhos Intl.), Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Rome (Fiumicino), Milan (Malpensa), Paris (CDG), London Heathrow, Madrid Barajas, Lisbon, Schipol, Miami Intl., Denver Intl., Washington National, Orlando Intl., Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz, and Assuncion (Paraguay).

FMAL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sun May 23, 1999 9:04 am

As far as I remember, I've been on:

Adria Airways: Pa-28-201, Dc9-30, Md-82, CRJ-200LR, A320-200
Aloha: B737-200
Austrian Airlines: Md-87
Continental: ATR42
Delta: B757-200, B767-200, B767-300ER, Md-11, L1011 (my favourite plane!)
Lufthansa: A340-200, A340-300


Ljubljana, Miami, Frankfurt, Atlanta, Vienna, Munich, Newark, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Split, Dubrovnik, Skopje, Sarajevo, San Francisco, Honolulu, Lihue, Keahole (Kona), Gran Canaria-Rheina Sofia, Tenerife-Sur, Tunis-Chartage, Malaga, Hannover (Germany)
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Sun May 23, 1999 12:16 pm

For all you who read this:


American: 727-100, 727-200, MD-80, A300-600R, 757
Delta: 727-200, MD-80, 737, 757, L1011
United: 737, 727, A320, 757, 767-200, 777(!)
USAirways: 737 (200/300/400), 737, 737, 737, 737, oh, and a DC-9 and MD-80, and did I mention a 737?
TWA: L1011, 767, some prop plane (was too young to remember)
Northwest: DC-9-50
People Express: 737-200
Continental: MD-80, 727, 737-200/300/500
Tan/Sahsa, 737-200
Air France 747-200
Air Canada DC-9 (my first flight from BOS-Toronto at 3 yrs old!)

Fresno, CA, Bakersfield, CA, LAX, SFO, San Deigo, Seattle WA, DFW, DTW, MIA, BOS, PVD, ORD, Raleigh Durham, ATL, PHL, PIT, EWR, CLE, CDG, Toronto, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America (TGU).
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Mon May 24, 1999 6:06 am

Airlines and Aircraft

United : 747-400, 747-100, DC10-30, 757
Northwest : DC9, DC10-40, 757, 747-200, 747-400
Delta : L-1011


Detroit(DTW),Orlando(MCO), Atlanta, Tokyo/Narita, Seoul/ Kimpo, Minneapolis, Seattle, LasVegas,Taipei, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix
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RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Mon May 24, 1999 6:29 am

Well for those who have curiosity here goes my ones:

Swissair: DC-9-51, DC-9-81, A.310-200, A.321-111
Iberia: B. 727-200
TAP: B. 727-100, B. 727-200, B. 737-200, A.320-200,
B. 707-320B
Varig: B. 707-320C
Gulf Air: L.1011-100
British Caledonian: Bac 1-11-500
KLM: DC-9-15
Lufthansa: B. 737-100
NLM: Fokker F-27
Royal Air Maroc: B. 727-200
Sabena: B. 737-200C
Air France: A.300B2
British Airways: B. 747-100, B. 747-200, B. 767-300,
B. 757-200, B. 737-400, B. 737-200
Alitalia: B. 727-200, MD82, MD83, A.300B4
SAA: B. 747-200
TWA: B. 747-100, L.1011-1, L.1011-100, L.1011-50
City Flyer: ATR42, SH360
United: B. 727-200, DC-10-10, B. 737-300, B. 767-200
Skywest: EMB 120


FAP ( Portuguese Air Force ): Puma, Chipmunck, Epsylon


Lisbon, Geneva, Madrid, Amsterdam, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, New York-JFK, Rome, Athens, Ponta Delgada ( Azores ), Zurich, San Juan, Miami, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Milan, Guernsey, Faro, Boston, Albany, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Fresno.

Air Force Bases

BA1 Sintra, BA2 Ota, BA6 Montijo, BA11 Beja

Thats it!!!
CV990, the Maserati of the skies!

RE: Airlines, Airports, Aircraft...

Mon May 24, 1999 7:08 am

United Airlines: 727; 737-200, -300, -500; 747-200, -400; 757-200; 767; 777-200; DC-10; A319; A320.
Air Canada: 747-400
American: DC-10; 757-200; DC-9
Olympic: 747-200
Cathay Pacific: 747-400; 777-300
Iberia: 747-200 Combi
Delta: L-1011-500; 727; 757-200; 777-300
Northwest: DC-10
British Airways: 747-400; Concorde
Continental: 737-700
Air France: 747-400
Aeromexico: A320; DC-9
Mexicana: A320; 737-500
TAESA: 737-200
Air Florida: 737-200
RenoAir: 727
Southwest: 737-200
AirTran: DC-9
There are a couple of others that I just can't think of at the moment.

Airports: San Francisco (my home airport), Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Portland, Phoenix, Reno, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Albuquerque, Des Moines, Dallas-Fort Worth, St. Louis, Chicago - 'O Hare, Chicago - Midway, Little Rock, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington - Dulles, Washington - Reagan National, Baltimore-Washington, New York - John F. Kennedy, New York - LaGuardia, Providence, Boston - Logan, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City - Juarez, Monterrey, Madrid, London - Heathrow, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, Zurich, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Cairo, and Tel Aviv.

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