United & Manila

Mon Apr 30, 2001 7:27 am

I know Manila was part of the 13 destinations obtained by United with the purchase of Panam´s pacific division, but I want to know why United ended the service to this city.

Besides they operated Manila from LAX, SFO or NRT
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RE: United & Manila

Mon Apr 30, 2001 7:32 am

One word: yield.

Cargo was great on this flight, but most pax were mainly homeward bounds and not biz types. Has a significant amount to do with the struggling Philippine economy. Hopefully, the new president will bring a new era of economic growth just like the one overseen by her father many years ago...
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RE: United & Manila

Mon Apr 30, 2001 8:06 am

Imkeww hit the nail on the head. One more thing with Manila is that the flights did go out almost full most of the time with...non-revs.