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Whats Happening With Braathens In The Future

Tue May 01, 2001 5:13 pm

because on there web side they are saying that they leave klm.
but klm ones 26%.
is there some information

thx. emile
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RE: Whats Happening With Braathens In The Future

Fri May 04, 2001 5:47 am

Braathens have been in dire straits for some time now,but seem to be pulling through.Share prices have increased significantly over the last couple of weeks.
Braathens feel they are gaining precious little from their partnership with KLM,and want to re-negotiate their partnership agreement or look elsewhere for other partners.
In the meantime,they are looking at new aircraft,both smaller and larger,to complement their present fleet.The 737-600 is out of the running,while new 80-90 pax projects from Embraer and Dornier are being looked into.737-800 is a good contender for a larger A/C to join the fleet.
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