Boeing/AI Airline IDs

Thu May 03, 2001 7:47 am

Hi everyone.....
i was wondering if anybody could point me to a webpage which identifies the suffixes used by the Boing Company (and maybe Airbus as well) to identify the different costumers, like, e.g. 747-436 for British Airways, or 747-412 for Singapore Airlines.
I'd be very happy for any helpful hints; i already tried to ask Boeing but they don't want to publish that list  Sad
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RE: Boeing/AI Airline IDs

Thu May 03, 2001 8:05 am

Hey Thomas,

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Here is a list of Boeing codes, not sure when it was last updated.

Airbus codes are different to Boeing's. They reflect what the a/c is.
Here is a good explanation.

RE: Boeing/AI Airline IDs

Thu May 03, 2001 8:50 am

Hi A330-243!
thank you for the warm welcome greeting and for the quick reply to my question. That's really very helpful to me.
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RE: Boeing/AI Airline IDs

Thu May 03, 2001 9:09 am


If you desperately need a code for something but can't get online for some reason, I suggest that you buy Airliner World's special issue devoted to Boeing aircraft. In that issue you'll find all the codes currently in use (on page 18). You'll also get articles on each of the aircraft Boeing has produced and many more interesting things. I don't know if it is still in circulation, but I'm sure your local Barnes & Noble or Borders could help you find it.