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Impulse To Replace National Jet As QF Feeder?

Thu May 03, 2001 9:41 pm

Just a thought: IF Impulse's deal with Qantas is approved, do you think National Jet Systems who operate 146s as Qantas's feeder Airlink might get the boot and Impulse expanded to take over those operations with 717s?

The reason I think this is that the 146s must soon be replaced, particularly given their bad reputation in Australia, and the 717 (and the mooted shorter version) is a perfect replacement.

What is the nature of Qantas' contract with National Jet? Is there a date limit on the contract?

Also if Impulse is to continue NSW feeder work, is it likely to be merged with Eastern Australian Airlines? How will CBR-SYD, MEL flights be organised, given that Impulse/Qantas have said these will continue?????
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RE: Impulse To Replace National Jet As QF Feeder?

Thu May 03, 2001 9:48 pm

There are a hell of alot more seats in 717s than Avro/BAe 146s. So I would imagine, it would be pretty stupid using them as a replacement. They wouldnt even get half filled. Keep in mind, any regional services with higher pax numbers would just get a 737 service anyway!

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