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How Do These Compare - C5, A380, 747-400, 747x

Thu May 03, 2001 10:42 pm

Does anyone have proportional picture comparisons between the C5 Galaxy, future A380, today's A340, the 747, proposed 747x, 777, and other large aircraft? I've been wanting to visually imagine size differences in some of the large aircraft. I've ony seen the 747 up close so I need to use that as a reference point of visualization. For example does anyone have drawings of a 747 and A380 next to each other as a concept to compare? Or does anyone have a photo of a C5 galaxy and 747 next to each other? At best a drawing comparison one on top of the other comparing the various planes. At worse, dimensions.
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RE: How Do These Compare - C5, A380, 747-400, 747x

Fri May 04, 2001 2:02 am

"At Worse", the dimensions of all but the C-5 are available in the "Aircraft Data and History" section on this page.

You can find more on the c-5 at .

Also, don't forget the An-124 and the An-225, which the biggest plane in the world! (Until the 380 comes).
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RE: How Do These Compare - C5, A380, 747-400, 747x

Fri May 04, 2001 3:09 am

I still think the An-225 wil be the biggest.
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