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DC8 Freighters

Fri May 04, 2001 11:57 am

Ok folks,

What is the difference between a DC8-62 & 63? I know the 63 is an 18 pallet the 62 seris also? I have never seen a 62 & a 63 park together. I was thinking the 62 series was shorter and only 14 pallet position? Am I right?

Also...I see a 71 and a 73 series daily. Both are 18 pallet position. Whats there difference?

What is overall the best DC8 to have?
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RE: DC8 Freighters

Fri May 04, 2001 1:05 pm

Well, the Super DC-8s (-60s and -70s) all began with the DC-8-61.

The -61 was simply a strech of the -50, and was intended for short, high capacity domestic hops.

Then came the -62, which featured only a slighty strech over the -50, new wings, and a much larger fuel capacity along with other things as it was intended for long range operations.

The -63 combined the -61's long fuselage (exactly 30ft longer than the -62) with the -62's wings to create a higher capacity (than the -62) and longer range (than the -62) aircraft.

The -70s are -60 aircraft (61 -> 71 and so on) which have been re-engined with CFM56 engines. These provide for longer ranged, quieter, and more fuel efficient aircraft.

In most cases, the DC-8-73 is the ultimate DC-8. It has a long range with high capacity, putting it in the same class as the A310-300HGW and B767-200ER. In a few other cases, the -72 is the ultimate, as it has an enormus range (If I remember correctly, it is equal to, if not greater than that of the A340-200, B747-400, B777-200ER, and MD-11ER!).