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Takeoff On Short Runway

Tue May 25, 1999 1:08 am

Just wondering, what different procedure is needed when lets say a widebody needs to take off on a short runway say 7.000 feet , more flaps? build thrust wih brakes ? trim? I ask this cause I work adjacent to rwy 09/27 at TPA for continental res. and when the weather gets bad the big ones use it and its something to see and hear?
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RE: Takeoff On Short Runway

Tue May 25, 1999 3:20 am

I suspect they use full thrust rather than derated thrust and maybe even increased flap. But then again, if the plane is nearly empty with little fuel of of this won't be neccesairy.
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RE: Takeoff On Short Runway

Tue May 25, 1999 3:40 am

Hi Diego767!

Let me tell my experience in that area. On my honey-moon we went to Ponta Delgada ( Azores Islands ) and on the way back we got a B. 737-282 from TAP. The runway at that time was really short ( like a carrier, sea in both sides of the runway... ) so the pilot taxied the plane until the real very end of the runway. Then with the plane still on brakes he started to build thrust in some way that you could see tornadoes of moisture going in the engines, then sudenly he released the plane and it was a hell of take-off I tell you. Latter I went to the cockpit and I talked to the pilot and he said joking a little bit - " This is our "braky" take-off procedure, the runway is very small and I don't wanna dive in the ocean!!!"
For example in Funchal (m Madeira Islands ) some airlines just leave the airport with some minutes of fuel just to make a small hop until Porto Santo that has a bigger runway. There they refuel completely and they carry on!
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