MD-11 In Production ?

Tue May 25, 1999 2:28 am

Hi :

Does anybody know if MD-11s are still in product- ion ? Any idea of a new version / improvement of MD-11s ? Thanks

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RE: MD-11 In Production ?

Tue May 25, 1999 3:13 am

Yes, MD-11's still in production. Not sure if it applies to all four versions: pass., convertible, combi and freighter.

No further developments planned, as of now. :( It looks like they're all stuck with twin-powered designs for widebodies. Oh, and four powered A3XX and B747-400X shall be on their way. (slowly...)

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RE: MD-11 In Production ?

Tue May 25, 1999 4:44 am

The MD11 is still in production but I think the only a/c still on the line at Long Beach are freighters, mainly fulfilling a surprise re-order from Lufthansa, who are standardising on MD11Fs and 747Fs. I don't think there will be another order for a pax configuration a/c, which is sad in many ways, especially considering the years of hard work by the dedicated people at McDD and the good faith and optimism that marked the start of the program. The truth is that it is not a great aircraft and is a generation adrift from the likes of the A330 and 777, and has a number of unpleasant handling characteristics that make it a difficult aircraft to land (ask FedEx) and very user-unfriendly software in the cockpit. I won't be sad to see it leave passenger service, I don't think the Swissair and FedEx losses will be the last.
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