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Qantas Impulse And New Zealand

Mon May 07, 2001 4:05 pm

This is getting beyond rediculous. Qantas are now saying that if Ansett/Air NZ oppose their bid for Impulse, they will pull out of the New Zealand market, and loose the Oneworld connections to NZ to Star. Origin Pacific are sitting on the sideline probably as bewildered as the NZ public. Impulse has said they will reject an offer from Ansett... how they can do that exactly noone knows. Qantas' justification to pulling out of NZ was that there would not be enough aircraft in their fleet to operate a NZ service, which sounds rather much like there needs to be more thinking in their NZ strategy if it hinges upon a sucessful hookup with Impulse.

So, what is the NZ public to do. I for instance came to NZ with the original Ansett NZ. Have stuck through the tough times. While I am not involved in the airline in any way, still flew with them through the strikes, into the Qantas NZ, and even today on the seven-three "emergency" services. I see huge opportunity for good ol Origin Pacific and their expansion as a true regional carrier. However, Qantas are playing some kind of game, which is irking me to no end.

We simply want to fly, I'm sure many of us could grow to like a good Qantas service in NZ, and as Origin Pac increased the frequency and size of their aircraft, a good operation could continue.

It's pretty disapointing to be honest.. NZ flyers are pawns, not knowing where to go.. I have AirPoint and Koru applications here.. seeing altough I think Qantas have better international routes out of both Au and NZ, if I can't fly when I need to, with a decent service and without having threats laid against me, I'll go to someone who is increasing services nationwide.. has anounced in-flight movies, e-checkin and increased levels of service and terminal re-designs-- this being Air New Zealand... After all, isn't that attention to detail what made Ansett what it was in NZ... "making the differences that matter".

Sorry Qantas, you are about to loose a loyal flyer, and I am sure many others.. be honest with us. Air New Zealand, as much as I have been biased against in the past, you are showing exceptional service, accomodation as well as interest in NZ.

Thanks guys..


RE: Qantas Impulse And New Zealand

Tue May 08, 2001 1:24 am

good point, im not sure what qantas are trying to achieve, i think they are playing into anz/ansetts plans but i think air new zeland have got a cheek arguing aginst the merger when they bought ansett!