AA And B737-800

Tue May 25, 1999 4:38 am

American Airlines started introducing B737-800 services from ORD to LAX (and vice-versa). Do you think it's reasonable to put B737-800 into such route for B737-800 is designed for short haul routes only (it takes 4h26' from ORD to LAX).


RE: AA And B737-800

Tue May 25, 1999 4:47 am

Actually the new generation 737's are capable of flying longer routes than prevoious -200, 300, and 400 series. AA now flies the 738 from Dulles to LAX, and that flight is over 5 hours long. Personally, I have flown UA's A320's (comparable to the 738) to the west coast and it was comfortable service.
According to Boeing, the 738 can fly 3,370 miles - the ORD-LAX route is 1,745 I would find it "reasonable" to fly this aircraft on such a route.


RE: AA And B737-800

Tue May 25, 1999 7:17 am

American is also starting 737-800 nonstop service BOS-SEA, which is a longer route than ORD-LAX. BOS-SEA is 2,496 miles which is within the range. I also know that Continental uses this aircraft on transcon flights from EWR.
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RE: AA And B737-800

Tue May 25, 1999 9:36 am

Actually Luftansa tested the next generation 737 and found it was uneconomical on short flights!
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RE: AA And B737-800

Tue May 25, 1999 9:46 am

The next generation 737 are Medium range madium capacity planes, and are perfect for that route because, American can fly the flight a number of times a day and quickly turn them around without alot of money. Canadian airlines flies 737's on teh Toronto Vancouver flights, which are comparable to the ORD LAX flights many times a day, and is able to produce a great profit.
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RE: AA And B737-800

Tue May 25, 1999 2:03 pm

I flew the 737-800 ORD-SAN a few weeks ago, which is slightly shorter than ORD-LAX, and I have two comments. First, the flight is not 4:26 long. It is closer to 4:00 (4:03 according to AA's website). Second, I found the flight and the aircraft to be very comfortable on this flight, so I don't think it's a problem.