Tg 747-300
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Which Airline?

Mon May 07, 2001 10:16 pm

I was just looking through a magazine ("SALG": for our norwegian members)
One one of the pages, a little text about the worlds bussiest airports (where ATL was ranked as #1) was illustrated with a picture of a 747-100/200.

The picture was probably taken in the 1980's but i don't know. The Aircraft was named "Justin Dart" and looked like a 747-100/200. The fuselage was white with one orange and one red (it was maybe one more which i couldn't see properly) stripes in the area around the wondows.
I could not see the colour of the belly, but it was probably white or silver. The airlines name was painted right behind the second deck (probably over the wing) and was not written in a special way. It wasn't too short, but neither too long.

Hope somebody knows the airline, and can post a picture that, so I can compare.

Tg 747-300

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