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Imagine A Delta-Northwest Merger

Tue May 08, 2001 4:25 am

A couple of days ago I was wondering that if a merger occurs between DELTA and NORTHWEST, they will create the world´s biggest airline, and the destination network will be so extensive, they will become US flagship carrier as PAN AM and TWA were on their time.
Imagine Delta´s European network + Northwest Asian network.
This will be a sample of the destinations.



AFRICA DL important codeshare agreement with SAA & NW destinations operated by KLM.

However I think this merger couldn´t pass, because the government will never approve it and besides there will be a European conflict of interest, because of DL European partner AF, and NW big alliance with KLM.

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RE: Imagine A Delta-Northwest Merger

Tue May 08, 2001 4:43 am

On paper it would likely be the most global carrier in aviation history.

In reality it would be a disaster. Here's why.

NW employees would not want to give up their union, DL employees would not want to unionize. Where DL has enjoyed a relatively peaceful labor situation--with recent notable excpetions--NW is known for its labor troubles.

Fleet rationalization would go down the tubes. Delta is committed to a Boeing fleet; Northwest appears to be going Airbus all the way.

While DL and NW do not overlap on very many routes, there would be major antitrust issues over the alliance that would theoretically be born out of this merger: a combined DL/NW, KL, AF, and CO. That one would never fly.

But as far as what it would look like on paper, damn... that would be an impressive route map.


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