More Trivia!!!!

Fri Nov 27, 1998 2:42 pm

This should be an easy question .

What FOUR airlines have flown the concord in regular service??
Answer will be posted soon
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RE: More Trivia!!!!

Fri Nov 27, 1998 2:48 pm

1. British Airways
2. Air France
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Braniff
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RE: More Trivia!!!!

Fri Nov 27, 1998 3:49 pm

BA, Air France and Singapore Airlines all have used Concordes but I thought CAAC of China also used Concordes at one time. I didn't know that Braniff used Concordes.

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RE: More Trivia!!!!

Fri Nov 27, 1998 8:16 pm

In my opinion, only 3 airlines have ever operated the Concorde: BA; Air France and Singapore Airlines, with BA pilots and SQ Cabin crew.
The only other airline that operated a supersonic passenger plane was Aeroflot, with the Tu144.
I have never heard of the fact that Brannif leased a Concorde.

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