2 Emergency Landing At HK

Thu May 10, 2001 3:55 am

Hong Kong was hit by severe thunder showers
Wednesday afternoon, which caused 2 emergency landings at HKG.

The first one was CX250 from London to HKG, struck by lightings for 3 times in a row (mentioned in another post by singapore_air).

The 2nd incident was Asiana Airlines OZ3367 from Guangzhou to Seoul. The 767 jet was hit by severe turbulance after take off. 1 Korean passenger was injured because of this turbulance. the 767 jet also made an emergency landing at Hong Kong.

I think it's a scary wednesday for Hong Kong.
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RE: 2 Emergency Landing At HK

Thu May 10, 2001 4:01 am

Apparently one of the lightning bolts on the CX flight hit a cockpit window, which must have made for quite an interesting CVR recording!

Of course, in HK, one thing that adds to the problem is the proximity of the Lantau peaks, up to 3,000'; thunderstorms can be accompanied by strong and rapidly changing winds - as the crew of the CAL flight a few years back could testify.