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F/A-18 In Singapore?

Thu May 10, 2001 4:26 pm

I live close to Paya Lebar Airport and I see F/A 18 Hornets flying in formation before being separated to do their landings. The pilots don't sound local though ??

Therefore, I'm wondering since when did Singapore bought F/A 18 Hornets ? Or are they from a US Carrier ship in Singapore(spying...haha) ?

Anyone with information to this topic, please reply. Thank you !

Best Regards,
Herman Big grin
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RE: F/A-18 In Singapore?

Thu May 10, 2001 8:10 pm

F/A-18 are usually from foreign air forces (mostly from United States) stopping over at Paya Lebar for friendly refuelling or official visits.

Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) do not have F/A -18 in its fleet. RSAF fleet consists of F 16 A/B and F 16 C/D, E2C Hawkeyes, A4SU Super Skyhawks and F5E, C130 and KC 135 as well as helicopters such as Super pumas and Chinook.

Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has Fokker 50 for its martime patrol.

BTW RSAF is considering several fighter planes from France (Mirage) and United States (F 18 / F 15) to replace aging fighter planes (skyhawk and F5E).


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RE: F/A-18 In Singapore?

Thu May 10, 2001 11:59 pm

Hi Herman, long time no see. From what I understand, those aircraft could belong to the USAF or the RAAF who operate the F/A 18 Hornets. The FPDA exercises are now on in the South China Sea, and those are the aircraft you would have seen.

FPDA = Five Powers Defence Arrangement

Countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand (who incidentally have just retired their LAST fighter wing) and the US.


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RE: F/A-18 In Singapore?

Fri May 11, 2001 2:32 am

ANDREW !!!!!!!!!!!!

My god, did you received my mail ? Where are you NOW, back in Singapore ?

Mail me yea ......

By the way, SIN_SQ Thanx for the info !! Big grin

Herman  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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