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ERJ-145s For LOT

Wed May 26, 1999 10:27 am

I heard that LOT will be receiving two ERJ-145s in the summer and will get six more sometime in the year 2000.
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RE: ERJ-145s For LOT

Wed May 26, 1999 11:41 am

They have only options for EMB-145.

Lot chce kupic EMB-145 na trasy europejskie, miedzy innymi do Zurichu, Wiednia, Salzburga i paru miast w Niemczech. Ale to jest tylko opcja. Jeszcze nic nie wiadomo czy transakcja zostanie zawarta.

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RE: ERJ-145s For LOT

Wed May 26, 1999 11:31 pm

Will LOT buy new boeing 767 any time soon or maybe 777-300 or md 11. Lot is a great airline to fly on we have one of the best pilots when i flown on lot it was the smoothes landing ever i had
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RE: ERJ-145s For LOT

Thu May 27, 1999 7:22 am

Wait, my information is that LOT has a firm order for 6 ERJ-145s and an option for another 6. So they don't have only options, but firm orders as well.

This information comes from Embraer itself.

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RE: ERJ-145s For LOT TO: Flight

Fri May 28, 1999 9:07 am

777-300, hahahaha LOT has a hard enough time paying for the planes it has now. THey don't own any of them, they are all owned by the bank, Even if they could afford it, I don;t think that LOT could generate enough trafic to justify 777-200's or -300's, I did hear somthing about an A330-200 but that was about two years ago and I don't think they would buy Airbus, just because the US is one of Polands major supporters.

No chance for new Big boeings any time soon, LOT already has their hands full with the new ERJ's which should have been Canadair RJ's anyway, and the new airline EUROLOT, as well as the NJ737's they are getting some time soon.
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RE: ERJ-145s For LOT

Sat May 29, 1999 2:54 am

I have heard the same. The order totalizes twelve airplanes of this kind, I think. Will they be used for domestic or inter-european flights? Robert Buenos Aires, Argentina
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RE: ERJ-145s For LOT

Sat May 29, 1999 2:59 am

They planning to use them on european routes such as Zurich, Viena, Geneva, Kijev, Vilno.

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