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Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Mon May 14, 2001 7:08 am

Hey Everyone-
My grandmother is looking to fly to Spain, and she liked Iberia the last time she flew it. So she asked me if I could find a flight and I said sure and Iberia has flights from JFK to Spain with a 742 and a 763. Does anyone kno which one is more comfortable, or younger, or nicer, ptv's (I highly doubt it) Anyway, if you have any other suggestions Id be happy to here them
Thanks ALOT
It is greatly apprecieated
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Mon May 14, 2001 7:33 am

Iberia's fleet isn't exactly what you'd call new. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, just not the best out there. The nicest plane they operate trans-Atlatnic are thier A343s. Problem is that it is only operated on MIA-MAD, and it is the "Midnight Madrid Express" flight. So it leaves Miami at midnight (MIA is an IB hub, and the late flight is for passengers who arrived on late-afternoon flights from Central America). If you want a new plane, then avoid IB, and look at flying DL, AA, or CO (they usually operate 772s on EWR-MAD, but currently use old DC10s). I've never flown an IB 763, but they are the younger ones. I have flown the 742s, and they are not bad at all. Well kept and clean, but the 80s look shows. No PTVs. Maybe on A343s in 1st Class, but that's about it. IB is in the midst of replacing thier fleet, though, starting with last months' replacement of thier Miami-based MD87 fleet with A319s. Rumour is that they will replace thier 742s with A345s and A346s, however, Boeing is opening an office in Madrid, so that might change. I really hope they get some 744s. Seeing those IB 742s at MIA is a gorgeous sight.
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Mon May 14, 2001 2:12 pm

Your grandma can take any of the following flights from JFK to Madrid.

DELTA 767-300 The seats are not very comfortable, there are no PTV´s, but the service is exquisite, the flight attendants are always willing to help you with anything you want.

Delta flies from ATL & JFK to MAD. both 767-300
Barcelona is served nonstop on the summer from both JFK and ATL in 767-300. Then the service to BCN is a continuation of the JFK-MAD flight.

IBERIA 747-256 The seats are a little bit more comfortable, the customer service is not that good, in fact the last time I flew IB (MEX-MAD-MEX) was one of the worst flying experiences of my life. Some flight attendants are very rude. The flights are usually late and the plane was no ptv´s except for First and Business Class.

AIR EUROPA : Is the young spanish airlines, they fly 767-200 to JFK but no dialy, the service is good and the seats are comfortable, no ptv´s.

CONTINENTAL : Serves Madrid from Newark, they operate DC10 in the route, the seats are comfortable but not so much. No pvt´s in Economy.

US AIRWAYS : To Madrid from Philadelphia. They use 767-200, I´ve never experienced this carrier. So I can´t tell you.

AMERICAN AIRLINES : Madrid from Miami, daily in 767-300, I won´t take AA or IB to Madrid, I don´t like the economy service in both carriers, the flight attendants treat you like cattle. They also codeshare Iberia´s CHICAGO-MADRID daily A343 service.

I recommend Delta, Continental or Air Europa the service is really good on the three.
Air Europa is not so good with punctuality, but it is cheap.

Iberia flies a 767-300 from JFK to Barcelona daily.
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Tue May 15, 2001 11:12 am

Effective July 1st, CO will be using a 767-400 on its MEX-MAD route. It should be quite an improvement over the current DC-10 PTV's in coach, etc.)
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Tue May 15, 2001 11:13 am

Ooops! I meant EWR-MAD, not MEX-MAD (wishful thinking, perhaps?)
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Tue May 15, 2001 11:24 am

BlueJet, if your mother wants a new plane and wants to fly IB, have her connect at ORD and book her on the daily ORD-MAD or connect at MIA and book her on the LATE MIA-MAD flight. Of all the planes, it will probably offer the most comfort. If not, take DL out of JFK. I love thier 767-300ER fleet.
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Tue May 15, 2001 1:12 pm

forget IB, they're attendants are always arrogant and rude when I fly with them, sometimes on strike, and have had a tendency of overbooking passengers. Continental out of Newark is much better, even with their DC10's
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RE: Iberia TransAtlantic Ops

Tue May 15, 2001 6:18 pm

I would fly American Airlines. I mean with the new more room for Coach concept they are excellent. Have flown with them from DFW to ZRH, Switzerland, where I live and it was just great. The plane was an 777 with PTV and very nice and friendly Flight Attendants. I loved this flight so much. And you have a lot of space, much more than in other airlines.
By the way for me is Delta the worst big US airline, their Flight Attendants are just terrible, old and extremly unfriendly, although Delta's fleet is very nice. I think Continental is good, I heard that quite often. Iberia has also here in Europe not a very good name. The are popular for having unfriendly Flight Attendants and bad service.
Greetings from Switzerland

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