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Greenwood MS, Airliners!

Mon May 14, 2001 9:17 am

I was flying over Greenwood Mississippi (GWO) today and noticed at least 10 large airliners-- I was at about 10,000 feet, but I could make out several 747's in new united colors and at least one DC-10 in the ancient orange united colors.

I wanted to go down for a closer look but I was
pressed for time-- So what happens out there? anyone know?

I'm especially curious now because I don't see any photos or topics in the database about this.


RE: Greenwood MS, Airliners!

Mon May 14, 2001 9:53 am

There was an articly in Airways about a year ago about the Memphis group, which own this graveyard. The facility is strictly a salvage center, where all aircraft are parted out if they arrive there. I am suprised you saw a UA -10 in the old livery. The parts salvaged are then sent through a series of testing to insure their quality before being put on the market. A number of the TWA 1011s ended up there, along with US F.28s and a few 747s (NW, UA).