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Air Florida Crash

Thu May 27, 1999 7:44 am

I'know they made a movie about the crash of Air Florida it was called Flight 90 I'am some what sure. where can i find this movie please let me know. thank you
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RE: Air Florida Crash

Thu May 27, 1999 8:11 am

Hi- I think this movie was a made for TV film. Watch your cable listings for replays. Otherwise, I have it on tape. I have all of those films on tape. Hehehe
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RE: Air Florida Crash

Thu May 27, 1999 8:37 am

It's a terrible film, an hour of "human drama" (pregnant flight attendants etc) followed by half an hour of mediocre actors playing hapless airline passengers splashing about in a pool with bits of floating packing foam (it would appear) to simulate ice. You don't want to see it, believe me.
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