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GA 2000 Suspends Operations

Wed May 16, 2001 11:46 am

Guyana Air 2000 has suspended its operations because of delays in wrapping up a deal to continue leasing the lone B-757 passenger jet it has been using. GA2000 expects to resume full operations of its flights as soon as it concludes the arrangements for the acquistion of a majority interest in the airline by a new investor. At the moment, passengers have been transfered to BWIA West Indies Airways and North American Airlines for services between JFK - GEO.
It is really sad to see the national carrier of Guyana to be placed in such circumstances. There really needs to be vast improvement in the infrastructure of the carrier so it can be truly viable. Let's hope they can return back to business before the peak summer travel season begins.
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RE: GA 2000 Suspends Operations

Wed May 16, 2001 6:40 pm

Guyana Airways has had a tendency for many years to operate 1 plane at a time. That has largely been based on the premise that Guyana has only 1 international airport, most traffic flows to POS, MIA, JFK and YYZ and BWIA from POS has a strong presence and in fact provides service to all of the destinations. Additionally, the severe economic problems of Guyana and the tiny tourist market have meant that large numbers of flights are not needed - in fact no foreign majors serve Guyana.

Alas, a 1-plane fleet does not bode well if the plane needs repairs or is repossessed, for obvious reasons. GY has used a 757-200 for most of the last 6 years or so, with a larger A300-600 having been flown between 1999-2000. They returned to POS (a service that has been on/off) earlier this year but stopped after only a few weeks due to poor loads.

GY's chronic problems are injuring it badly. Perhaps they should reconsider the shelved plan to merge with neighbouring Surinam Airways, another airline which has had similar problems but is presently operating smoothly. Together they could pool resources and increase services and maintain consistency.

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