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Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Wed May 16, 2001 12:59 pm

Air France 'was racist in taking mayor off flight'

A top Chinese official blasts airline's alleged high-handed treatment of the man, who did not understand when told to return to his seat

HONGKONG - A provincial governor in China accused Air France of racism for ordering one of his mayors off a flight from Paris to Beijing last month.

Mr Bo Xilai, governor of Liaoning province in north-east China, blasted the airline for kicking out the mayor of a city in his province from Flight AF128 on April 29.

The unnamed man, who had left his seat to search for his hand luggage and did not return when told to, was escorted off the plane after the captain summoned the police.

'If he had been an American, would that Air France captain dare to do the same thing? This is really outrageous,' said Mr Bo, who was in Hongkong on Monday to promote trade and investment.

'If our mayor did not understand English or French, then, his quality may be poor, but for the Air France captain, his quality is even worse; this is too much for Chinese people,' he said, according to the Chinese language Sing Tao Daily.

Reports said Air France had confirmed the incident although its spokesman in Hongkong denied receiving any complaint.

'As far as the Hongkong office is concerned, we have not received any complaint,' he said.

Mr Bo said the furore began when passengers in the first class cabin complained that the mayor, who was on a trade mission, had too much luggage in the overhead lockers.

He said other members of the delegation in the economy class had entrusted their luggage to him.

'Even if a passenger has too much luggage, the airline has the responsibility to take care of it.

'Since you have already let the passenger board the plane, you should not order him off the flight just because he has too much luggage,' he added.

He said the mayor began searching for one of his bags after a flight attendant removed it to make room for the luggage of other passengers.

'He was worried that there might have been public money inside, when the luggage was taken away,' he said.

However, an eye-witness report published in The European Times, a Paris-based Chinese newspaper, said the mayor responded with foul language when the air stewardess asked him to allow others to use the hand-luggage compartments.

He was then told by the captain that he would have to leave because his behaviour was unacceptable, said the newspaper.

Mr Bo, however, said that the mayor, who seldom travels abroad, did not understand what was being asked of him when told to return to his seat.

The mayor flew home the next day, said Mr Bo.

When asked why the man had not come out to clarify the incident, the Liaoning governor said:

'This mayor is over 50 years old; he has suffered injustice and was afraid that the media would further sensationalise the incident; that's why he did not dare to come to Hongkong.' --AFP

RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Wed May 16, 2001 2:36 pm

As a chinese background person, I felt ashame for this mayor. He did this wrong things in the first place. And he didn't felt sorry and say it's AF crew's fault. He should be totally ashame.

Also, Mr. Bo was being warned by Air France crew several times at first. So I understand why this mayor was "kicked out" from Air France jet.

I support Air France over this incident!  Smile
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Wed May 16, 2001 3:08 pm

Here we go again!!! First the Chineese governemt made us apoligize for landing in their airspace due to an emergency even though we were patroling/spying outside of their airspace on top of holding our crew hostage in whch they were breaking international law.
Thanks to their pilot acting like a space cow boy while our plane was barely picking up the pace at 350 mph when that fighter can soar at over 500.

Now they want Air France to apoligize for what their politician did despite eywitness accounts of him being the agressor. Unfreaken believable!!!

Give it up. It may have won the first time but this is getting really old.


Wed May 16, 2001 3:43 pm

I agree with you. (As a person with chinese or taiwanese background)
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RE: VirginA340

Wed May 16, 2001 4:39 pm

he was not simply a Chinese man but a politician, so you cannot be blamed for bad treatments towards politicians: they deserve it, whichever nationalities they are.

Heheh, just kidding. I just come out of an election period in Italy.



Vive La France, Vive Air France

RE: Americans And French...and Dutch And...

Wed May 16, 2001 4:39 pm

What Air France did is to my opinion NOT totally wrong. Some people (pax) think they are superior above cabin personal. Especially in an dangerous enviroment as the airspace, pax have to obey the rules of an airline. By the way, on this globe a minority of the population act superior above other people. Mostly they think they have status and the power in their hands. I personnaly have some problems with the attitude of some French, Americans but also Dutch, Germans, etc. etc.. Some nations still think they can rule their own territory but also Europe like little Napoleons and what about some Americans... please stop being so hypocrit especially about the Lockheed Martin Orion incident. It's like the Chinese took away America's little toy and now the US is crying like a little spoiled child. US President Bush never ever visited Europe in his life until now! So what can we expect from him the next time. I think we all have to bring up some more respect and understanding for eachother's culture and behaviour.

RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Wed May 16, 2001 5:32 pm

Hang on a minute VirginA340. So let me get this straight. If a Chinese spy plane made an emergency landing at LAX after colliding with a US plane what would happen ? Would the US Government just let the crew leave without even questioning them ? Being detained in another country is not being held hostage. Can you confirm that not a single foreigner is currently being detained in prison in the USA whilst awaiting trial? Of course you can't. It is perfectly reasonable to detain someone until you have established whether there is a case to answer or not.
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Wed May 16, 2001 6:32 pm

If a Chinese aircraft declared an inflight emergency near the US coast it would be allowed to land.
If it did land on a military installation the crew might initially be detained but later moved to a hotel somewhere (though they would probably need a police escort to move around as they would not have a visum).
They might be searched for illegal goods (drugs, weapons), as is allowed under international law.
If the aircraft were inside US airspace before declaring an emergency without prior approval, the crew and aircraft would probably be detained for violating US airspace, but in the EP3 case they were in international airspace when declaring an emergency.
They landed without permission on a military installation, yes. They should have been given permission under international aviation law, but the Chinese chose to start an incident.
I wish I were flying
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 5:07 am

Parra; The Chineese held our people against their will Even though the American plane declared an emergency over international waters. This was prolonged due to China not getting their damn apoligy. They were the ones violating international law. I see your point but China was the agressor in not letting our crew go because they decided to be a complete bitch about not getting what they want. If they want the EP3; fine they can have the damn thing for all I care. My concerns are for the plane's crew and their well being. Not some stupid plane that can be replaced with my tax dollars.
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 5:16 am

For got to add one more thing; The government was done with their questioning of the crew yet they were still detained because the Prime minister of China wanted to play with our patience and temper and wanted an apoligy even though their side started it. Where is China's apoligy for their pilots pulling of top gun like stunts on our planes endangering their lives as well as our? One day one of those fighter pilots will have an audacity to do this to a 747 and then the world will read in their local papers on how their man wanted to buzz the pilot but instead ended up striking the plane like the EP3 and now 300 plus are dead because he wanted to show off. What is China going to do then when that happens?
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 6:45 am

Why are you so sure the incident was over international waters VirginA340? How do you know what happened in the air? You believe everthing the military tells you? Maybe they told the truth, maybe they didn't, if it did happen in Chinese waters, and let's say the E-3 hit the fighter, do you think the military would admit to it? There's no way of knowing what actually happened......keep an open mind.......

RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 6:54 am

The Air France incident is highly amusing. With typical French flair, the rather rude official was booted out!

Vive Air France! I love the attitude!

Not racist, BTW. Can't see where that accusation came from!

A bientot,
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 7:01 am

So, a Chinese guy gets the shaft from the Frech and it only took 5 minutes to bring the Americans into the argument. There must be some way to sue an American airline or the US government over this incident. The A340 has US components in it. I posit that the US made components made the Chinese guy and the Captain completely ignorant and stupid due to the close proximity (maybe they caught a whiff of the residue left behind on the component by the stupid imperialist US worker that made it).

Christ people, does anyone see how moronic these threads are becoming? This is an issue between the French and the Chinese. The US and its spy plane fiasco have absolutely nothing to do with it.

RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 8:11 am

Wingman, I completely understand and agree with your point. I believe, however, that the discussion about hte EP-3 incident began when Virgin noted that this was becoming an increasingly apparent trend with the Chinese: they screw up and then demand an apology. And while the ensuing discussion as to fault in the EP-3 incident may not be relevant to the present issue, I do believe Virgin makes an interesting point. Indeed, from its relations with the United States to its relations with Taiwan and Japan, and now apparently Air France, China has taken an increasingly aggressive stance whilst demanding apologies the whole way.
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 8:19 am

Again, was it the Americans or the Chinese at fault during the EP-3 incident? Who knows for sure.......if the Chinese were, it doesn't mean they were at fault here as well.......this is probably where the whole 'racist' thing is coming from........

RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 8:23 am

I think the EP-3 incident is off-topic with this post. But when a jet (no mattet if it's a military or civil jet) are into trouble, they should get permission for emergency landing.

Antoher thing, there's a bad habit about Chinese (In my thought). When Chinese people are treated unfairly by foreigners, they'll start to criticize the foreigners is being racist to them. (Although this doesn't work in some cases, like this Air France incident)
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 10:08 am

Jim1126; If the Chineese said no to the emergency landing then we would possibly bringing bodys home instead of live soldiers. The emergency was nessesary. China would face servere criticism worldwide to say no and then to have the plane crash into the Pacific.

Widebody; How are YOU sure that the incident happened in Chineese airspace? The US has shown enough credible proof from the planes crew to photos of that same pilot intentionally buzzing other planes at a dangerously close angle over international waters. so where is the Chineese side to this thing. all I've seen so far is them denying responsibility. Since our President apoligized to China it's about time they apoligized for putting an immature fool behind the yolk of a fighter. Can anyone imagine the aftermath of triple digit casualties if the idiot did the samething to a commercial plane.
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lindy field
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 10:22 am

Hold on a minute, everyone! You seem to forget that the "hostility" between the Chinese and American governments is very convenient for justifying armaments programs and the so-called missle defense program. After all, North Korea isn't a very credible enemy for the US, so why not pretend to be threatened by the Chinese? The Fratboy-in-Chief needs all the help he can get in selling his missle defense plan to the rest of the world. And for the Chinese, it's great to be "threatened" by the imperialist aggressor Americans because then they have an excuse to modernize their military.

Please let's remember that disgust with the Chinese or American governments should not necessarily equal disgust with the Chinese or American people. China isn't quite democratic, and the results of the last US presidential election put make claims of true democracy a bit questionable there too.

As for Air France, well, they'll do what they like because that's what the French do. A racist action? No. A French action! Tonight I'll join the chorus in saying "Vive la grande France!"
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Chinese Government Is Racist!

Thu May 17, 2001 4:58 pm

I know that this is way off the topic,but I think this will show how stupid is claim by the Chinese mayor really is.When the British handed back Hong Kong to China in 1997,the Chinese government refused to grant citizenship to the non-ethnic Chinese who were born in Hong Kong.Why is it that everytime a white person does something to a non-white in a bad way we treat it as racially motivated?Everyone seems to think that whites are the most racially prejudiced people around.As an ethnic Indian born in Britain I encountered no racism or hatred towards me,while in Singapore I have had people calling me 'blackie' and 'nigger'.I just tell those slity eyed flat nose chincs to f*** off and they keep their mouths shut.In another incident my mother was buying some clothes for my cousin.The sales assistant was Chinese,she said that the dress that my mother was going to buy would not suit a black baby.My mother just replied that the father was white.Maybe we should do that to the mayor as well.

Just my 2 cents
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 10:14 pm

VirginA340, you're missing my point, no one knows where the plane was when the incident occurred, or who crashed into who......just because you've seen a few photos from the U.S. side doesn't mean they were in the right.......American fighter aircraft buzz commercial aircraft off the coast, I'm sure they would do the same if a Chinese spyplane was anywhere close to U.S. for the AIr France incident, you feel it was automatically the Chinese man's fault because you feel it was their fault in the spyplane incident......all I'm saying is keep an open mind, no point in jumping to conclusions.......

As for the photos released by the U.S., no mention of the type of lense used......
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Thu May 17, 2001 10:22 pm

I dunno about the lens used either Widebody but you definatly can see the props of the aircraft in the shots I have seen.

but back to the subject.

I think the leaders in the Chi-Com government need to get a copy of "Peter and the Wolf" and read it again. It does apear that they are hurting their credabilty pulling the race care everytime something happens.
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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Fri May 18, 2001 2:36 am

Since everyone like to say that the US would never put up with spying off it's coasts I would like to point out the obvious.

Soviet trawlers and subs within sight of beaches in Florida, Virginia, New York and Mass. are common on the east coast and off California on the west coast.

Soviet aircraft have often flown just outside US territorrial air space from Cuba and the USSR up and down the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico...

The same happens off Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, and other US territories..

Cut the crap.. The chinese pilot screwed up. China in typical format tries to blow it out of scale while commiting human rights abuses, ethnic cleansing (Tibet) and other war like attrocities within it's areas and the soverign nations it has attacked and overrun.

China uses educators, scientist and students in the US to steal US military and US industrial secrets... Especially in the areas of nuclear, chemical, biological warfare, and computers, telecommunications and networking.

It is time we stop cow towing to china! Put up the barriers, REAL sanctions, stop the spy student/educators/researchers from coming and stealing secrets! Use the resources to practice counter-espionoge at home by following suspect spies and keeping track of them and what they do. Use the death penalty for spies and traitors and cut off ALL trade with China not just discontinue occasional programs...

Most Favorite Trade Agreements.. Yeah so china can use our technology against humanity...

Force the communist out...

Our government is frankly a bunch of wooses whom ought to have learned from history...

China and it's government and military regularily and systematically engage in lies, deceit, and human rights abuses while constantly pointing the finger else where.

When judgement day comes they will have to do some serious answering....

No rationalizations, justifications or anything else will count when you make it to the pearly gates...

Unfortunately, Our government and it's officials are far more worried about bribes and payoffs and liberal intellectuals whom have no clue what the real world is like and it won't happen and China will continue ethnic cleansing, human rights abuses, and genocide while pointing fingers at everyone else.

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RE: Air France 'was Racist In Taking Mayor Off Flight'

Fri May 18, 2001 3:21 am

I nominate this thread as one of the all time classics. It should be posted in a special Hall of Fame section for all humanity to see. When our grandchildren visit years from now they will see what forums were like in the days of the caveman.

Get off ze plane you chinaman

ah, sclew you flenchieman

America sucks

America rules

Kill the Commies

Americans all stupid

Europe sucks.

blah blah. We really need some major order announcements soon.
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Fri May 18, 2001 4:37 am


"I just tell those slity eyed flat nose chincs to f*** off and they keep their mouths shut."

Not very smart to offend one-half of the entire message board, eh? I have suggested deletion of your post. And by the way, not all of us are racist towards others and IMO, the cabin crew had the right to kick the mayor off.

And next time, actually learn how to spell a racial slur. Otherwise, you'll be looked down upon as a dumb*ss.

Thank you.

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