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AirTran Dropping Routes

Fri May 28, 1999 11:06 am

I figured it would happen......AirTran is ending service between Dulles and Midway. Here is a prime example of a new carrier being forced out of a market. MetroJet which before had absolutely no interest in Dulles came in and AirTran had to drop out because it couldn't compete effectivley with the likes of USAir. I know it's a free market and all, but this is why competition is decreasing. Bet on this......if AirTran and some of the other low fare carriers cease to exist, the MetroJets and Delta Express's will "merge" back with the mainline and high fares will be back. I don't have a solution other than re-regulate or at least regulate a little. I feel bad about this because I remember ValuJet would sometimes have 12 planes at IAD at once. Now look what it has come down to. Your lucky to see one AirTran plane there at a time.

RE: AirTran Dropping Routes

Fri May 28, 1999 11:14 am

Hey Cody, USAirways is complaining that United is using predatory pricing to get rid of MetroJet. I think that is a bunch of B.S.!(excuse my french) I think USAirways better shut up before Midway complains to the DOT over predatory pricing in Raleigh.

I think something bad will happen to MetroJet and/or Delta Express. There is just too much competition in Dulles.