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What To See At Newark?

Sun May 20, 2001 7:31 pm

I will have a stop at Newark to transit to another flight next month. I got 2.5 hour for the international to domestic transit time. Is the time enough for me to do all the customs, baggage claim, check-in etc.?

Also, is there any good places to see or places to sight planes?
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RE: What To See At Newark?

Sun May 20, 2001 8:02 pm

It depends on the US customs officer, but still I think 2.5h is time enough.

You will see Continental en masse. There is a good place in the CO terminal (Terminal C, if I remember right), from where you have a good sight to both of the active runways (runway 11/29 seems not to be used any more?), Terminal C and parts of Terminal B.

Hope this helps, Ndebele.
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RE: What To See At Newark?

Mon May 21, 2001 1:27 pm

Your best bet is to ride the monorail, which connects all the main terminals. It's free and you can board the system from any terminal as often as you like. If it's a clear day, you can get a decent view of the New York City skyline.

Newark itself has the marvelous new Performing Arts Center, but 2.5 hr is not enough time, even though customs usually proceeds quickly.
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