Pronounce It!

Sat May 29, 1999 12:48 am

Hi all-

How do you pronounce all the commercial aviation things? Boeing- Boing or Bo-ing? Airbus- Air-bus or Air Bus? Airbus aircraft- 320 or Ahe-320 or A320? Boeing aircraft- 777 or triple seven? Boeing aircraft- seven-four-seven or seven forty seven? Boeing aircraft- B747 or just 747? Bomarder- Bomba-dear or Bom-bard-er? McDonnell Douglas/ Douglas- Douglas MD80, McDonnell Douglas, MD or DC? or Also do you go straight to hyyp:// or do you access this through the homepage? Just trivial interest.

Jack M
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RE: Pronounce It!

Sat May 29, 1999 1:49 am

I have this forum on my bookmarks under: "Daily Check-Up".

(Note: English is not my mother tongue)

  • = air-liners-net
  • MD = m-d
  • DC = d-c
  • McDonniel Douglas = Mac-donnel-duglas
  • Boeing = Bo-e-ing
  • Airbus = Air-bus
  • Bombardier = Bomb-ard-deer
  • 747 = seven four seven
  • 777 = tripple seven
  • A-310 = a-three-ten
  • A-340 = a-three-forty
  • IL-96 = il-ninety-six
  • Tu-154 = tupolev-one-hundred-fifty-four

Alex A

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RE: Pronounce It!

Sat May 29, 1999 3:08 am

Uh-oh, there's a shortened version of the Triple Seven (the name of it, not the a/c itself). Apparently US aircrew now call it the "Tee Seven". Also I have heard Bombardier pronounced kind of Euro: "Bomb. Bard. Ee. Ay." Very Francais.
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American Perspective

Sat May 29, 1999 4:12 pm

In America, we pronounce Boeing as Bow-ing (bow as in elBOW), Airbus is Airbus, one word, A320 as a-three-twenty, 777 as either seven-seventy-seven or triple-seven, 747 as seven-forty-seven, Bombardier as bom-bard-ear, MD-80 as M-D-eighty, DC as D-C, as just airliners dot net, I go through both the homepage AND I have bookmarked the forum also. I hope this helps. Fly 757-200!

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