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737-200 In Full Canada 3000 Livery

Mon May 21, 2001 7:35 am

As we were driving eastbound on the Metropolitan Highway in Montreal, I looked out my window and saw a 737-200 coming in for landing at Dorval Airport. The 737-200 had bright, orange red engines(like C3s), with a white fuselage, but I'm not sure there were any titles or logos on the plane. Unfortunatly I was pretty far from the airport, so the plane was pretty high, so I can't confirm it was a C3 aircraft. But it is possible. C3 has started using 737-200 into Dorval, and no A320s. Some of Royal's old aircrafts have "Canada 3000" painted on their fuselgae, replacing the "Royal" titles, but is it possible that C3 has painted a 737-200 in the full C3 livery?