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United 777's

Sat Nov 28, 1998 5:06 am

How many 777's does United have and how many do IGW versions do they have?? Through what year will they be be done receving all their 777s??

Also, i've heard 777-300's are too large to operate in American airports, therefore, for asian airports like Japan, do they park the aircraft in a little lot and passengers are escorted off the plane by bus such as in BKK?
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RE: United 777's

Sat Nov 28, 1998 5:11 am

United currently operates

777-200: 16 (0) on order
777-200ER: 18 (18) on order
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RE: United 777's

Sat Nov 28, 1998 6:28 pm

The 777-300 could be fly to U.S airports but a few and they will take up alot of space. When I was in Hong Kong a month ago there was a 777-300 at the gate.

Asian airports are really big not like some U.S airports.