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Concorde To Visit MSY On 8/22

Mon May 21, 2001 2:01 pm

The CONCORDE will once again visit MSY(New Orleans) on August 22nd for a charter flight to Paris. As part of the deal, the passengers will travel on the QE2 ship back to the States. Does anyone know if this will be an Air France or BA Concorde? In any case, it will be a great sight. I missed it when it came here last a few years ago. Not this time.

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RE: Concorde To Visit MSY On 8/22

Mon May 21, 2001 3:54 pm

I am sorry to tell you that you will miss it this time too as it won't be coming!!!!

Concorde has not yet re-entered Service since last years crash, It will do by the Autumn..BUT.. will not do charters till mid 2002 at the earliest.

I suspect this flight was adertised before the accident and before the charter companies were told the aircraft was not available for they use.