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Summer-Help! We Need Low Budget Carriers

Wed May 23, 2001 9:01 am

It is once again the approach of summer, many people will be travelling to and from many destinations.However, in Jamaica the traditional airfare increase is about to take place.Eg....MBJ-MIA at present is $203, but in 5 days time the fare will be around $350-$480. Believe me, Jamaica needs a low budget carrier to start flying into here very quickly. Is there any other person who will be facing the same predicament that is about to befall us? Let me know cause at this very moment airlines like Southwest, Jetblue even AirTran would be really welcomed.
*The increases are always triggered by AA and JM as they dominate the Jamaican markets*

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RE: Summer-Help! We Need Low Budget Carriers

Wed May 23, 2001 9:15 am

It would be hard for a low cost carrier to compete in that market. Because it is an Intl destination they will have to pay the Jamaican gov't taxes and fees which would hurt their low budget approach.
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RE: Summer-Help! We Need Low Budget Carriers

Wed May 23, 2001 9:49 am

Aeh, I don't think that you should complain much about those prices. Come to Europe and see prices!!!

But then it seems to be opposite over here. On many destinations you get very good deals in high summer simply because the scheduled traffic is lower.

But to isolated places, where you don't go with your camping trailer - for instance Iceland - the prices double i summer compared to the rest of the year. Long time ago I bought a ticket to Iceland at $500 for mid July - a special midnight flight cut price ticket. If I asked for one today, then they would just laugh at me, or ask me which year, 2002, 2003...? In October I could go twice at daytime in half full planes for the same money. But incidentally I have no business in Iceland in October.

(And to a land of midnight sun, who cares about a midnight flight?)

A "no frills" airline probably won't solve your problem - they also have to cover their costs. Lately I have seen that on a short European jump with a popular no frills airline you can see prices varying from £70 to £350 (roughly $100 to $500) depending on the time you want to travel. In high season you will never get real bargain prices anywhere.

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RE: Summer-Help! We Need Low Budget Carriers

Wed May 23, 2001 1:48 pm

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