C-FDND, Last Of The Original Canadi>n Livery?

Wed May 23, 2001 12:40 pm

This long weekend I took some pretty good pics of this Dash8-100 here at my local airport. Does anybody know if this is the only Dash-8 still wearing the origninal colours?

Realated to this plane I have a pretty cool story I'd like to share. There were 4 Bae Hawk RCAF jets parked near the terminal this weakend and the airport opened the gates to the public(for people to look at them)around the same time that the dash-8 came in. So here I am checking out these jets and C-FDND comes in an parks about 100 feet from the jets. Naturaly I started taking advantage of the situation and began taking pictures. Then I notice the captain is out of the plane looking at the jets. This was too much. I decided to walk up to him and ask for a cockpit visit. To my suprise he happily agreed and let me in to take pics(he even asked the FO to leave while I take the pics!). If this wasn't enough Air Force 2(757) came in a couple hours later to pick up the vice president from a heli-skiing trip. Luckly I had a few exposures left and took some pics of that. First 757 to the airport in history and its Air Force 2!........Best weekend in my life?....YOU BET!

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RE: C-FDND, Last Of The Original Canadi>n Livery?

Wed May 23, 2001 1:44 pm

C-FDND started its life as an Air Atlantic Dash 8. Its lease was terminated by AAL sometime around 1993 and picked up by Canadi>n Regional Airlines, along with quite a few other tail's. That was the beginning of the end for Air Atlantic!

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