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Jakarta - Perth?

Thu May 24, 2001 9:41 am

I am planning to fly from Jakarta to Perth...and have only found QF that serves this route non stop. Garuda I found serves it via DPS...isnt this a bit of a detour going to DPS first ?
Also, does anyone know if it is better to buy the ticket in Jakarta or rather to buy the ticket outside the country. I will start my trip in Paris flying to CGK and back to Paris. Will it be more economical to do it, CDG Jakarta Perth jakarta CDG ?
thanks for any infos.
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RE: Jakarta - Perth?

Thu May 24, 2001 4:45 pm

Garuda fly via DPS and I think it is a change of aircraft there too. Most pax to Indonesia are Bali holidaymakers but with the Asian economies booming again the number of INdonesians visiting Australia is on the rise again. In fact, prior to the crisis, Garuda did fly JKT/PER non-stop, but now only Qantas does it twice a week with the 767s.
You are probably getting a better deal buying a CDG/JKT/PER ticket on GA or even a CDG/SIN/JKT/PER ticket on Qantas.
I do know prior the crisis you could get cheap tickets in Indonesia to Perth but dont know anymore what with the currency fluctuations - at that time there was more competition - they had Sempati as well which was always about the cheapest